Transitional Care

Ashley House is part of a continuum of care that provides transition from hospitalization to the family/caregiver home. We work closely with area hospitals and caregivers to make the reintegration into the home as smooth as possible.   We ensure the medical condition is stabilized and that it can be adequately treated in the home. We work with parents and other caregivers to make sure you can competently execute the care and treatment required by your child. We’ll provide training to meet your schedule and we’ll take as much time as you need. When you are ready to take your child home you’ll feel confident that you can provide the care he/she needs. And once you get home we’ll be there for you if you feel you need more instruction.

Respite Care

At Ashley House we know it can be very difficult to care for a child or teen with special medical needs. Even in the best circumstances, and with in-home nursing care, the ongoing intensity of providing care can prevent families from exercising adequate self-care. We’re here for you for a day, a week of longer if needed. Respite care can provide a family an opportunity to get some much-needed rest, take a business trip, remodel a child’s room or accompany a sibling on a class trip. We’ll provide excellent personalized care, keep you informed and give you a full report when you come to pick up your child. Call our referral line and talk to a social worker if you are interested in respite care

Long-Term Care

There are times when it is not possible for a child to return home. This can occur for many reasons and includes situations where families are intact and functioning well and times when no family is available or when families have obligations that don’t allow for their child to return home. Ashley House is experienced in providing long term care for children who need it. We are glad to facilitate involvement by the family as much as the situation allows. Visit when you can, every day if you wish, or as much as circumstances will allow. Your child will be safe and well cared for and when you visit we’ll make sure you have a comfortable visit.

Working with the State Department of Social and Health Services

Ashley House has extensive experience working with the Department of Social and Health Services. We work closely with Child Protective Services and Children’s Administration social workers to facilitate children moving through the child welfare system. We provide supervised visitation as needed, reports to the court and ongoing information about the child’s medical, behavioral and developmental needs and functioning. We’ll help facilitate foster placements and adoption as deemed appropriate. Referrals are accepted from homes, other placements or hospitals.

Programs and Services – General Overview

Ashley House provides care for medically fragile and medically complex children, teens and young adults. We typically hear from local hospitals that a child and family need services, but we also hear directly from families and from state social workers. Our clients range in age from birth to 18 and to 20 under some circumstances in our pediatric programs and from 18 to about 30 in our young adult programs. We have some clients who are less medically challenged, but their conditions are complicated by certain characteristics such as autism and reactive attachment disorder. Our clients represent numerous racial and ethnic groups, come from all economic classes and although they primarily come from all areas of Washington State, others come from other states and countries.

Typical medical conditions/needs include: complications of prematurity, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, short gut syndrome, oxygen dependency, children with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or coma, TPN and IV therapy, ventilator dependency or frequent respiratory therapy, complex wound and ostomy care, cardiac problems, chromosomal abnormalities, seizure disorder, organ transplants and apnea. Ashley House provides:

  • Transitional care from hospital to home for children who still need a high level of nursing care, but no longer need acute hospitalization

  • 24 hour nursing care in small group home settings

  • Individualized treatment plans that include, as needed, physical, occupational and speech therapies, social work and education

  • A warm caring environment where parents can learn to provide the care their children need

  • Respite care for families caring for their medically fragile children in their own homes

  • Care for children whose life expectancy is known to be limited

  • Long term care for children whose care needs are so extensive that Ashley House remains the best option


In addition to around the clock nursing care, Ashley House provides social services support to the individuals we serve and their families. The ultimate goal is to have the care needs stabilize and to teach families (biological, foster or adoptive) how to care for them so they can return home. If they cannot return home, all efforts are made to include the family in care provided at Ashley House. For those who do not have family, the dedicated Ashley House staff step in to provide nurture, love and support. Ashley House staff work very closely with primary care physicians, DSHS, local schools and others pertinent to providing care so that every aspect of developmental domains are addressed. Children, teens and young adults may spend several hours as an Ashley House resident, several months or the remaining years of their lives. Every effort is made to normalize life for Ashley House residents. When possible they attend public school, participate in recreational and cultural outings and interact with other non-medically fragile individuals.

Federal Way, Washington

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