At Ashley House we want to make it as easy as possible for you to benefit from our services. If you need us give us a call and speak to our Director of Program Services. She’ll help you through the process, answer all of your questions and offer you a chance to visit any of our houses and meet some of our staff. At Ashley House we work hard to maintain relationships with providers, hospitals, insurance companies, and community agencies to make admission to the program as seamless as possible. Give us a call, we’re here to help! Call 253.533.9050 ext. 1113 for more information. We realize every situation is different. Don’t worry about the paperwork or the funding. We’ll help you sort that out. That’s what we’re here for.


Ashley House is available to support your family needs. To inquire about Ashley House services, contact Deborah Lambert at 253.533.9050 ext. 1113 or email

When child is hospitalized: Talk with the hospital social worker, care coordinator, or physician, tell them that you want more information about Ashley House supporting you and your child. The treating hospital team will contact Ashley House to start communication about your family and child’s needs. Together we will determine which of our homes meets the needs of your child. We will discuss your child’s diagnosis; clinical needs including medications, treatments, medically necessary equipment such as oxygen delivery, suction, cough assist, nebulizer, monitors, feeding equipment, durable medical equipment and more.


Together we will help you coordinate medical insurance benefits; Apple Health Plan, Medicaid, and other potential State and Federal programs. All prescribed medications, equipment and supplies will be ordered and at Ashley House before the child leaves the hospital. (This equipment will belong to your child and will stay with your child when he or she leaves Ashley House to come home.) Ashley House will have signed physician’s treatment plan before the child leaves the hospital. The child’s pediatrician will be informed and participate in the transition to Ashley House. Pediatrician and specialty physician appointments will be planned before the child leaves the hospital. A discharge date and time will be planned to include your family.


Ashley House has a team of nurses that will coordinate these activities with you. The Ashley House transport team will transition your child from the hospital safely. Vital information, your consent to provide treatment to your child, and other topics will be secured and discussed on the date of transfer.

When child is at home: Contact Deborah Lambert at 253.533.9050 ext. 1113 or email at Our Clinical and Social Work teams will begin the steps needed to address your family and child needs. Deborah will coordinate the Ashley House team to secure physician orders for the plan, medications, equipment, supplies, physician appointments and a date for transition. She will work with you and your insurance benefits, Apple Health Plan, Medicaid and other State and Federal programs. Vital information, your consent to provide treatment to your child and more will be secured and discussed on the date of transfer.


We understand how difficult it is to integrate your family, child and treating medical professionals with Ashley House. It can be difficult logistically and emotionally. Our goal is to assure your child’s medical and personal safety while empowering you to be your child’s parent and advocate. We begin planning your child’s move home with family before the child arrives at Ashley House.

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