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A sick child may spend weeks, even months, in the hospital.  But what happens when they leave the hospital? After weeks of highly trained staff caring for your child, parents are suddenly faced with the need to provide care 24/7 for a child who still needs a high level of intervention. It is tough to face such a demand on your own.  Some kids will need a high level of care for a few weeks or months; a small portion will need it for the rest of their lives.

In 2019, the State of Washington closed that home, leaving Isaac and eight other children without a place to call home. All nine families quickly discovered that the closest facility that could provide their children the level of care needed was over 125 miles away; and it didn’t have 9 vacant beds.  When Sam and Colleen Grove looked for a new place for Isaac to live, they discovered Ashley House, which currently operates five homes in Puget Sound; Sam contacted us about opening a new home in Spokane. 


Working with Sacred Heart Medical Center, as well as the Health Care Authority, we recognized that there was an unmet need for this program in the Spokane area. Today, we are working with the Sacred Heart Palliative Care Unit, Sacred Heart Neonatal Unit, Apple Health, and the Developmental Disabilities Administration of Washington to open an Ashley House in Spokane.

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Sam and Colleen Grove have been there. Their son Isaac was born weighing just 2.5 pounds.  Born with a rare chromosome disorder, Isaac’s medical issues mean that he needs a tracheostomy tube to breath, and a feeding tube to get nutrition. 

For the first nine years of his life, Sam and Colleen raised Isaac at home.  Nurses were a daily part of their lives; their house became an intensive care unit for their child.  Finally, recognizing that the level of care Isaac needed was hard to provide, they placed him in a group home that specialized in caring for children like Isaac.

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