Here's what our families have to say!

“I am so thankful for Ashley House. The day Matthew got so sick with kidney stones the nurses and staff knew Matt well enough to know that something was wrong. That really helps calm a mom’s heart. We also see how happy Matthew is at Ashley House. The three week he was in the hospital, all he talked about was getting back there. We are so thankful for Ashley House. He is in a very good place.  He is happy and well taken care of.”

"The staff at Ashley house has been extremely supportive and has cared for my son as if he were their own.  They were able to ease our fears even while thousands of miles away.  Freddie still remembers and talks about the great care and attention he received while at Ashley house."

"We were very worried about our baby when she was born. She was in the hospital a long time because she has cystic fibrosis and she has short bowel syndrome.  She had to get her food through an I.V. line that went through her chest into her heart. There are a lot of things that could happen to her.  We stayed at Ashley House for a few weeks. We were happy, we felt safe and ready when she came home with me."

"My daughter Cianna went to the Ashley House after lack of in home nursing care became a never ending struggle for us. I was afraid at first to place her anywhere but once I made the decision and saw the care and love they gave her I knew it was a prayer answered by God. The Ashley House opened their home not only to Cianna but also to me. I stayed there quite frequently and is was like having her home with me. I was able to participate in her everyday life and all decisions based on her care and it also allowed me the time needed for my other children, which was lacking when she was at home. Cianna was loved by the staff at the Ashley House and I felt a sincere sense of family with them as well. When I made the decision to take her off the ventilator, as difficult as it was, they gave me courage and support through it all. To anyone facing the difficult decision of placing your fragile and precious child in the care of someone else, all I can say is the Ashley House is the best decision you will ever make. They are truly remarkable individuals who care deeply for medically fragile children and their families. They will love your child as much as you do and support you through your most difficult times."

Federal Way, Washington

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